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All Briarcliff property owners are members of the Briarcliff Property Owners Association (BPOA) and have all the privileges and full access to all BPOA facilities, provided they are in good standing. Good standing means that all dues, including those for the current year, are paid. Guests using BPOA facilities should be accompanied by members or have written permission of a member before entering or using any Briarcliff facility. Members are held responsible for the conduct of their guests, lessees or renters. Trespassers may be prosecuted under the trespass laws in the State of Texas.

BOAT ramp at Briarcliff Marina. BPOA members can launch boats for free when sticker is placed on left side of trailer tongue. Stickers available at Community Center, limit 2 per household.  Property/Home Renters must obtain written authorization from the Property Owner prior to receiving a sticker.
BRUSH PIT BPOA owns property dedicated to chipping accumulated brush/clippings from residents personal property. Contact BPOA office to arrange to be met at the brush pit's gate. Volunteers from the community pick up the brush/clippings in the spring and fall, usually March and October. Households wishing to take advantage of this amenity must turn in a form to the BPOA office 48 hours before the pick-up. FORM IS AVAILABLE AT THE BPOA OFFICE. 

1.  Brush pit will be available by appointment only during the week from 8am to  noon and on Saturday between 8am to 4pm.  The appointment must be made 24 hours before the scheduled time.  The appointment will be made with the BPOA office at 512-264-1776.
2.  Individuals are allowed to deliver a maximum of two loads of brush per month
3.  Payment will be made to the attendant opening the brush pit with a personal check or money order made payable to BPOA.  Charges are as follows:
            Pickup truck load or smaller              $10
                        (Includes very small trailers such as 4’ x 6’)
            Small trailer (5’ x 8’)                         $20 
            Large trailer (6’ x 14’)                        $40
4.  Items that are unable to be chipped (e.g. cactus plants, sego palms, vines, etc) must be put in the dumpster onsite.  There will be an extra charge of $20 for any items that must be placed in the dumpster.     
5.  Prohibited items:  Bags of leaves and other items, lumber and other building materials, stumps, tree pieces larger than one person can easily handle, and poison ivy/oak.
COMMUNITY CENTER reserve or rent for parties single time usage: $25 for meetings or $100 for parties both refundable. Please schedule 15 days in advance. Scheduled on-going events:10 people or less free, 11-40 people $20 per use, and 41 people $50. Reserve forms at the Community Center.
DISC GOLF course built in Briarcliff Park, 2007. The nine hole (baskets)course extends through the park and loops around Loch Leven's dam, returning on opposite side of park. Map
PARK Briarcliff Park with entry from Kyle at Dunkeld is owned by BPOA and is available daily from morning to dark. The park has a pavilion, playground equipment, basketball court, restrooms and picnic facilities.
Reserve the park or pavilion at BPOA office with $25 refundable deposit. Groups of 15 or more persons wishing to use the park areas should get prior clearance.
No camping or RVs are allowed in the park area or undeveloped lots.
Dogs are not permitted on BPOA common property and roads unless restrained by a leash and under control of a Briarcliff resident or guest. Dogs must be restrained on their owner's property in such a manner as to ensure that persons walking or riding on streets or common grounds will not be threatened or menaced.
GOLF a privately owned 9-hole course is open to the public for a fee.
HIKE 'N BIKE a 2.5 mile trail which winds throughout the subdivision around the park and lochs. The Trail may be entered at any point.
Motorcycles, dirt bikes, 4 wheelers, dune buggies, go carts or any other motorized vehicles are not permitted to be used off-road on BPOA property. All vehicles and golf carts must conform to existing Texas Department of Public Safety laws when operated on BPOA roadways. Golf carts are allowed on the roadways only when driven by a licensed driver.
LIBRARY located in the Community Center available Monday through Friday, when the community center is open. Its shelves are maintained by volunteers and contents donated from Briarcliff residents. We use the "honor system," so residents can bring in books or check them out anytime.
TENNIS courts are available at the golf course at no charge.