Briarcliff, TX

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement in the Village of Briarcliff is handled by a combination of entities.
The Village has a contract with Travis County Constable Precinct 2 to provide law enforcement duties for approximately 40- 60 hours per week. Precinct 2 contact information is 512-854-4515 although to reach the Deputy on duty, calling the Village Office at 512-264-2274 in non-emergency situations will usually work.
Since Briarcliff is in Travis County Constable Precinct 3's area of coverage, Precinct 3 deputies provide backup along with Travis County Sheriff deputies and Pace Bend Park deputies.
Obviously, in emergency situations, calling 9-1-1 is always recommended.
Other contact information includes Travis County Sherriff's non-emergency Dispatch: 512-974-0845 and press option 3. The non-emergency Dispatcher will know whether a Constable Deputy is currently on duty in Briarcliff.
Hours & Contact Information
Administrative Hours                       M – F (Day Shift)
Village of Briarcliff 
302 Sleat Drive
Briarcliff, Texas 78669
Phone :                                               (512) 264-2274
Fax:                                                     (512) 264-3514
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