Briarcliff, TX

Maintenance Fees & Financial Information

Maintenance Fees
Maintenance fees are assessed annually and due by January 31 of each year. If you pay by November 30, you will receive a 5% discount. 
You may pay by check, money order or by visiting PayClix for e-check or credit card payments. For PayClix payment, please visit If you have a PayClix account to pay your Village of Briarcliff water bill, you can use the same log in information. Please verify you are making a payment to the Briarcliff Property Owners Association by ensuring the logo at the top of the page is the BPOA logo. For Payclix questions or assistance, contact
2023/2024 Residential dues are $305.00 per lot.
2023/2024 Commercial dues are $720.00 per lot.
If you are unable to pay by the January 31 deadline, you can create a Payment Plan agreement with the BPOA to avoid late fees. Please contact the office at 512-264-1776 for more information. 
Fiscal Year 2023/2024 Monthly Financials
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Fiscal Year 2022/2023 Monthly Financials
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