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Storm Brush Pick Up Dates Established
Planning began this week for the community brush pick up and disposal due to ice storm damage.
To give time for residents to clean up and the brush pit to be emptied, the pickup will begin in about a week. In order to manage the intake of brush and chipping, the pickup will be done in phases-  picking up brush in sections at a time. Dates will be March 8-10 and March 22 – 24.
Volunteers with trailers would be greatly appreciated on pick up days. Please contact the BPOA office if you have a trailer and the time to help. 
Please place your piles of cedar and oak storm debris only within 10’ of the road. Do not include any other brush or lumber in the piles as those items cannot be chipped and thus will cost the community time and money for disposal.  
As a reminder: our trash service will pick up bagged leaves and plants – two bags in addition to your trash can. 
No sign up will be necessary for this brush pick up. To conserve space in the brush pit, please don’t take the opportunity to trim extra, undamaged trees for this pickup.  We’ll do another normal spring pickup after processing the current need from the storm.
As always, please help us prevent the spread of oak wilt by promptly treating all wounds.
Thank you,
BPOA and The Village